The Challenge

There is a high demand for gold dore bars, along with increasing government regulations. Currently, exporters do not conduct proper due diligence, leaving the burden to gold buyers and refineries to meet the compliance requirements. 

Once the gold bars have been exported to the refineries, gold becomes untraceable, and difficult to effectively provide a traceable supply chain. Therefore, exposing end buyers and refineries to money laundering and illegal mining risks.

What do we do

Provide a traceable supply chain of dore gold bars with proper enhanced due diligence to refineries.

In addition, the implementation of a blockchain platform for total traceability, from mining to refining.

Why Us

What sets us apart from the rest? 

We are bringing a unique combination of a set of skills and experience to the table. Across the supply chain, exporters conduce a minimal vetting process of their providers.

Leaving the burden to refineries and end buyers to conduct an Enhanced Due Diligence to prevent money laundering or financing terrorism. 

The main reason is the lack of proper AML training, coupled with their inability or lack of desire to conduct a proper risk assessment at International Standards. 

We are not only offering to become gold providers, but we are also offering to provide a product that has been properly vetted. And with an assurance of maintaining a good delivery supply chain, with an appropriate AML program including monitoring the supply chain.